WVF Export Cherries

Quality Management

We take great care to grow the best cherries we can, so it is extremely important they are then handled carefully after picking to ensure they reach their final destination – the consumer – in the best possible condition, giving the longest possible shelf life. To help achieve this, we specifically focus on managing the cool chain process every step of the way.

In conjunction with GP Graders, Wandin Valley Farms developed Australia’s first cherry hydro-cooler which was designed to remove field heat quickly and enhance the shelf life of our cherries. Cherries are then kept in moist atmosphere cool rooms and transported to the packing facility via refrigerated trucks. Here, once again they are stored under cool room conditions both prior to and after packing.

Finished packed cherries are once again transported to their final destination under refrigeration with most product packed in modified atmosphere long life plastic bags.

This commitment to the cool chain from orchard to consumer, coupled with Freshcare, SQF and WQA certified HACCP based Food safety and quality systems, assures the the product reaches its destination in peak condition.

We are fully accredited and follow the following food safety certifications;  HACCP, SQF and HARPS.